Update: Mr Money’s Portfolio, August 2019

Hello Money Makers,

It’s time for a long overdue review of my (Mr Money’s) portfolio. You might remember my initial post from December 2018 on the portfolio and my targets. This post is based on a snapshot on the assets from the end of August i.e. some 9 months since the last asset declaration on this blog.

MrMoney Pie Chart_August 2019
Total assets increased by 9.9% over these 8 months, above my annual growth target and despite the trying global and local economic outlook.

My goal to rebalance the asset distribution equally between the three classes seems to be going slower than expected. The plan is however on target and there are increased allocations to the equity class. 

I have allocated new funds to my existing index fund in Europe, and to ASNB fixed price funds. With this, I now have invested in all three ASNB fixed price funds. The funds dividends have been trending downwards with ASM 2 Wawasan reporting 5% in income distribution on Friday (30th August). The products however match my risk profile well and their risk adjusted return is still higher than other options in the Malaysian market. 

The increased index funds allocations for my Europe-based fund have been suppressed by weak currency development, down ~7% over this period against the MYR. However, the fund is up 16% in local currency since the beginning of 2019. Therefore, the asset allocation in my Equity class has only increased a mere 1% in the pie chart, primarily due to volatility in currency.  

The property class will remain a substantial holding, but I do not foresee any new acquisitions. 

The main reason why my total assets have increased by 9.9% despite a weak market is because I continue to have a low risk tolerance – prioritizing paying off my housing loans instead of investing in new equities in the market. 

In writing this, I realize that I need to strengthen my commitment to grow the equity class of my assets. Having said that, I am not aware of any other cost-efficient, medium risk products in the Malaysian market.

Have any of you come across any interesting financial products in the Malaysian market in the past few months? If so, please share here!

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