Update: EPF Dividend Announced

Hi Money-makers,

Mr Money here. I have been travelling for work across northern Europe the past two weeks and missed out on the festive CNY celebrations, and of course updating our blog.

An icy work trip

EPF announced earlier today that the dividend for FY2018 landed on 6.15%. In my opinion, a very respectable return considering the challenging end of the year for the domestic and foreign equity markets. I was expecting a return in the range of 5-5.5%. EPF has consistently performed well above their goal of returning >2.5%.

What’s next?

So I aim to evaluate this year if part of the funds in EPF should be reallocated to other investments to mitigate the concentration risk in my current portfolio. I have previously withdrawn funds from Account 2 to repay a mortgage. The avenue I am investigating now is towards equity investments in an effort to increase my portfolio returns while at the same time diversifying from the credit risk of the fund.

Stay tuned for a comparison between ASNB and other relevant funds.

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