EPF : Dividend Time!

Dear Money-Makers,

We are approaching February, the month in which the EPF dividend is announced and distributed to its members. EPF makes up the bulk of the savings for most Malaysians and is a considerable part of Mrs Money and my assets. There have been numerous articles speculating on the dividends for FY 2018 with reference to the political landscape. Some more fact-based like this, compared to others.

After the recent expose on Tabung Haji, I welcome a more reasonable, healthy dividend that is sustainable in my eyes. FY 2017s dividend payout months before the last general elections will be hard to achieve again.

Moreover, Mrs Money and myself are contemplating using the investment scheme within EPF in 2019. The scheme allows members to transfer a portion of their savings from Account 1 for investments in order to enhance their retirement savings. Members can invest no more than 30% from the savings in excess of the recently-revised Basic Savings Amount in Account 1 through appointed Fund Management Institutions (FMIs) at a minimum investment of RM1,000.

That being said, the lack of availability of low cost investment products in Malaysia is deterring us from pursuing this.

Do you have any advice, experience or tips to share around EPF investment schemes? Any thoughts on the upcoming EPF dividends?

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